Yoga Therapy

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapy integrates the mind and body using evidenced based teachings and practices toward whole person wellness.  Yoga, a system of health and healing, can be undertaken by any person regardless of age, ability or experience.  With the support and guidance of a qualified Yoga Therapist,  physical postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama), and Mindful Meditation practices are expertly combined to provide opportunity to; enhance overall vitality, balance emotional resilience, deepen self awareness and growth of compassion for self and others.

What makes Minded Yoga Therapy unique? The Minded Institute program, developed by Heather Mason, teaches how to promote and enhance emotional wellbeing based on evidence based practices combining scientific research with embodied yoga and meditation practices. Combining neuroscience and psychotherapeutic knowledge with established Yogic wisdom, techniques and mindfulness, a client can experience effective ways to manage emotional and mental health challenges both on and off the yoga mat. With knowledge of how the body and mind effect each other in both bottom up and top down ways, a client can be taught to rebalance their nervous system to regulate moods and emotions whether they require energising, calming or a tailored combination of both.